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Posts by Julie Christopher

Practice This Important Skill to Get Your Way Every Day

“Nobody learned anything by hearing themselves speak.” — Richard Branson Did you know that an anagram for the word listen is silent? As an entrepreneur, have you ever found yourself frustrated trying to speak to someone who would not be silent and simply listen? Whether you were immersed in a conversation with a client, at a company meeting or stuck in…

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How to Treat Information Overload in 3 Simple Steps

As a business owner, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information that you have to contend with in order to grow your company, you’re not alone. With the explosive growth of the internet, people have access to more information than ever before. As a result, entrepreneurs are exposed to a new modern…

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How to Harness Your Intuition and Find Happiness

In your pursuit of happiness, have you ever asked yourself “What is my purpose here?” or “Who am I?” Do you feel the pressure of life pressing upon you, or sometimes feel paralyzed by so much to do and think about? In today’s world, we are all experiencing “infobesity,” an overload of information that sets…

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Can Yoga Help You to Sleep?

Researchers have found that yoga could be the cure for insomnia During my many years of teaching the science of yoga one of the struggle that many of my students experienced in their life is insomnia. Can yoga help? What they realized is that through the consistency of their yoga practice two to three times…

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