How to Harness Your Intuition and Find Happiness

In your pursuit of happiness, have you ever asked yourself “What is my purpose here?” or “Who am I?” Do you feel the pressure of life pressing upon you, or sometimes feel paralyzed by so much to do and think about? In today’s world, we are all experiencing “infobesity,” an overload of information that sets us up for a burnout from the outside-in!

As an intuitive coach and business owner, I often attract entrepreneur clients who come to me for guidance in their businesses and even their personal lives. Biztuition, my brand, is a way to integrate and learn how we can access the power of our intuition to bring forth our ability to lead with a higher consciousness, live in a state of happiness, and learn the true dialogue of abundance and financial success.  If you’re not familiar with business intuition yet, you should learn more, as many top business experts are integrating this concept into their businesses and personal lives.  Visit to claim your free chapter of my new book which explains the importance and value of Biztuition, a.k.a. business intuition.

Are you intuitive?
Whether we think we are intuitive or not, we all have the ability to feel a certain “je ne sais quoi” or sense that something is about to happen, even though we may not be able to put our fingers on it. We definitely notice changes all around us and our need to adapt quickly to those social changes that impact our daily lives is of absolute importance! Essentially, there is a “knowing” that we all share between us… a connection, a dialogue, a feeling that we are in communication with the field of all that is, the mind. We are multi-dimensional, holographic beings with a sense of higher purpose in life.  We are filled with true love and prosperity and we have the power to tailor our unique outcomes through the way we think, the actions we take, and what we believe in.   

We are not victims of our past, nor victims of our pain and suffering, nor are we victims of our genetic makeup! I have received the gift of sight at birth and I have been blessed to receive messages from the Source to help my fellow humans. It is with all my love and light that I am sharing with you what I believe to be an important message of wisdom that has been poured through my altered state of consciousness to resolve my own quest for Happiness! Today, I’d like to share this wisdom with you.

It is from root experiences that wisdom springs forth, and so I always had a feeling growing up that no matter what happens, something bigger than myself was guiding and protecting me. I somehow knew that I needed to listen to my inner voice to overcome the fear of success and give myself the chance in life that no one in my family had the strength to recognize. I was raised in a very small town in Southern France, where my entourage kept themselves hostages of their environment, accepting a fate of poverty and struggle. I knew in my heart that I was different than anyone around me and somehow destined for an abundant destination. By listening to my intuition, I realized that I had the freedom of choice. I chose to not let my challenges become my reality.  I would not let them consume my identity. I was also determined to not let obstacles become an excuse to give up on my dreams. Instead, I used these challenges to tune into my heart.  By listening to my heart, I received clear messages of the future that I had to prepare myself for all the challenges ahead, including physical and mental suffering.

One of the very vivid times that I listened to my intuition was several years ago in Paris, when I heard a very clear voice telling me that I had to leave France and go to America. Considering abandoning a life of convenience for what some might say was a completely irrational, non-logical, and most crazy decision, I felt at the time in my heart it was the most important and non-negotiable move to make. I left for America with a guitar on my back, $50 in my pocket, and not a word of English! I’ll never forget how I felt at four o’clock in the morning… sitting on that plane as it made its descent into LAX and overlooking the entire city of Los Angeles, seeing the millions of lights, being so overwhelmed and yet feeling so right. I had no choice but to rely on my instinct and intuition for my survival. By having direct access to my inner voice I overcame my fears.  I became absolutely resilient and chose to anchor in my true self, embracing all challenges with love and light, making decisions with grace and ease. I learned that while listening to your heart might not seem like the most logical thing to do in today’s world, it is the only instrument of alignment by which you gain mastery of success and love! Achievement always starts with a seed planted by a dream!


“True knowledge must be experienced to become pure wisdom.” – Julie Christopher

What is your intuition whispering to you about your life?
“You are here to do that which you find yourself going back to and doing over and over that makes you feel happy!!” EXACTLY! What you might be doing right now is something that might be completely different from what makes you truly connected to your heart’s happiness.  

Perhaps you had never been given the permission to be creative or perhaps someone took away that right from you as a child… Did you know that our creative power is the reflection of who we are as divine beings? What if you gave yourself permission to reflect on what makes you happy and re-open that door to your highest self and happiness?

Why the focus on connecting to our true happiness? It’s simple. We can’t possibly give love and happiness to others if we are cut off from our own. Without joy and happiness in our lives, we are hostage to our fears and living on an empty tank. You are destined for so much more!

Understand, friends…the best gift you can give others is your own divine presence!   Happiness is your birthright; you are wired with its very code.

Are you actively developing and listening to your Biztuition, my fellow entrepreneurs?  Whether you own a business or not, everyone should be practicing their skill of intuition, which will result in you experiencing health, wealth, and fulfillment.

However, before I discuss how to harness the powers of Biztuition, let’s be sure NOT to confuse your intuition with your instinct.  Everyone has had that “gut feeling”, right? But have you ever really considered what it really means to listen to your gut and should you be listening to it exclusively?

Let’s take a step back. What’s in the gut?  If your answer to that question would make a first grader giggle, or had anything to do with “poop” then you’re absolutely right. Your guts represent your lowest chakra, Muladhara chakra, in your etheric body. Energetically speaking, this is the place that keeps us grounded down to the earth and the physical world, which is critically important when we tap into our primal survival instincts. This is also the part of our body that gets us hooked on our past experiences and relationships, and also carries our memories. It is critical to keep this energy healthy and centered, since it’s responsible for our sense of safety and security!

We’ve all had the experience of walking down a dark, spooky alley which may have activated  that weird kind of feeling in the gut area. This is your basic instinct talking to you. This same survival instinct governs our sexual needs, desires, fear of death, and response to danger. This is your primal instinct, not your intuition.   While the experience of walking down a dark alley may ignite your most basic instinct, the true powers of intuition lodge much higher in your body.  Yes, you guessed it, listening to your heart is the key to unlocking your intuition!

Wait… you can’t hear your what your intuition is whispering to you?

How to develop your intuition…
One of world’s biggest challenges today is the amount of information we process daily, which has increased our focus on our external environment.  This results in less self-reflection and reduced self-awareness.  We must reconnect with our true selves, and listen to our hearts, which is where our deepest intuition resides.

The first lesson in honing your intuition is that you must learn how to relax. It’s very important to release all judgments and expectations towards yourself and others. The very nature of intuition has no time or space.  It is not ruled by logic, but instead by being in the moment.

Tip! Your breath is the key to discovering your truth and relaxing.  Do you remember crying as a child and your parents telling you to relax and just breathe?

When your life brings you pain, slow down, relax, and breathe!  You should practice your Biztuition (business intuition) daily by tuning into your own breath and really listen to it with your deepest attention. The focus of the breath will open the door of how you feel deep inside your body, and give you clear hints on what direction to take and decisions to make at that moment. Be patient with yourself; intuition is a muscle that will strengthen over time.  Your goal is to exercise your intuition daily and develop it into a habit.  Eventually your intuition will have a consciousness of its own. Have fun with it!

Let me share with you what I have found to be the most reliable exercise to truly relax. You’ll be surprised at how simple and amazing it is to implement! Just remember to be patient with yourself and you’ll be impressed by the way you feel in just seconds!

Ready to get started?  Here’s a simple process anyone can follow to relax, focus, and enhance their intuition.


Our body is composed of many layers, physical and ethereal. Our energy body is ruled and balanced through what we call “chakras,” or energy wheels. It is crucial to understand that these body vortices determine our health factors, our mood, and are responsible for our overall mental and physical health! In fact, an unbalanced energy body could be the cause of various symptoms and diseases. Science has proven that 90% of illness is due to stress.

How to Harness Your Intuition and Find Happiness

Everyone and everything has a vibration, and we must remain grounded and centered in order to maintain clarity in our lives. The following exercise can be done seated or standing, and can be practiced at your place of work or office, especially during high-stress situations.


Right now, wherever you are reading this, go ahead and stand up and place your feet hip-width apart, as if you would imprint your feet into the earth. Keep your spine straight and let your shoulders relax. Place left hand on your heart and your right hand on your belly.  Close your eyes and take 5 or more DEEP, cleansing breaths.  As you continue to breathe, let go of your tension and simply relax.

NOW… imagine that you are in beautiful surroundings (by the ocean, a river, in a garden etc). Most importantly, you must feel safe wherever you envision yourself! As you connect with that FEELING of peace and continue to breathe, simply VISUALIZE at the base of your spine (your root chakra) a root growing down through your legs and feet.  Let it grow into the earth, and feel its force while its rooting in your body, into the earth and the entire planet.  Let that life force (prana) move from your feet and climb all the way to the crown of your head…Feel the peace in your heart and radiate that feeling in your body and into the universe!

You may experience some tingling or lightheartedness for a few seconds since you are connecting with your energy field and a higher state of consciousness.  If you did, congratulations, as you have just raised your frequency of healing vibrations!


In our effort to find happiness we might become unaware; Most people become too eager to get to a destination or to acquire more material things. The universe teaches us that the most powerful tool to attract abundance in our life is cultivating a feeling of gratitude.

If you already completed step 1, try repeating the process, but this time focus on connecting or remembering a time, place, or person that brings you a sense of happiness, well-being, or pure joy.  As you continue to breathe deeply, connect your breath to your body as you expand your heart energy field like a liquid light from your center and out to the universe…FEEL GRATEFUL, peaceful, blissful and energized in every bone and cell of your being!

When we internalize a feeling versus just a thought, we are awakening a dialogue within ourselves that is the very key to healing not just emotionally, but physically as well.

Our human system is designed so perfectly that you own the very key to unlock your miracle code to health and happiness.  Begin by trusting your true nature as a light body and loving being.

3- COMMAND, the signal to activate.

Asking the universe for help and guidance is also a very natural process and essential to opening the door of intuition. We all have been conditioned to do everything ourselves, which leaves us desperately scrambling to solve all of our problems in business and life on our own. It results in becoming burned out in the process.

How to Harness Your Intuition and Find Happiness

We each need to ask for help and guidance to follow our true path. So, how do you ask the universe to help you? It’s simple really. Just say:

“Universe, creator of all that is… I COMMAND to get clear guidance and healing on [insert your issue] in this place and time as we call it now, for the highest good of all, at the highest order, with grace and ease. It is done, it is done, it is done, and so it is.”

When you complete this process you will FEEL instantaneous relief.

By asking the universe for help, you will feel peaceful and at ease. You will begin seeing signs around you of guidance. New relationships and uplifting experiences will take form during this process. This is the way to upload new positive beliefs into your subconscious, so you can experience a new flow of energy and begin to transform your life.

We are ONE, yet we are all unique and different spiritual beings having this human experience.

Lately people have been asking me this question, “Do I have to follow a spiritual path or believe in a particular religion to tune into my intuition?”

FACT: You don’t have to believe in any particular faith to become good at the skill of intuition. It starts with a simple feeling within yourself. Sometimes it will come as a flash in your mind or even hearing voices!

This is the realm that all ultra-successful leaders experience… business leaders like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and many more, and now you can too!


Finally, let’s take a moment to understand the truth of this transformational time we all live in. 2016 has seen an amazing energetic shift on our planet and has set the stage for all of us to awaken. A beautiful crystal grid has formed all around Earth and our job is to remain in the moment, to be intentional and to anchor in the light frequency. A deep and natural healing flow has been set in motion for those that come forward in the truth of who we are as divine beings.

You might feel, think, see and dream in a way you never have before. This is the unveiling part of the journey, a time to let go no matter what.  It is time to align yourself with your divine heart space. A dawning light is taking place on the cellular level of your entire body and your are being realigned and reshaped for what you have been searching for, a life of true joy, prosperity and happiness!

It is natural to feel and experience a full range of emotions, while you are developing your intuition… you are human after all. Almost everyone becomes impatient with their experiences, and by default they are looking for an escape.  The key to success is to practice the steps above until it becomes habit, which will lead you to live your truth and radiate happiness.

During my efforts to study our collective suffering, I have discovered that most of our pain and suffering comes from identifying with the experiences that we are going through. The study of the self, as the yogis call yoga, is the most important habit one can apply on a daily basis. When we develop a sense of true self, we realize impermanence burns at very core of all suffering.  We can spend an entire life hostage to all of our distractions and attachments. By becoming more present and aware, we can transcend the overstimulation and stress of life. Every day simply take a few moments and allow yourself to become aware of your breath… and just BE.

Entrepreneurs and leaders of our time understand this time of great change, and with “Biztuition” we are teaching business intuition to those whose minds and hearts are open to embrace this amazing skills of true prosperity.  By developing our intuition, we can make better decisions and create a state of flow and happiness.

As conscious beings, our blueprint to happiness can be cracked open to let go of all of our fears and to receive love abundantly for the highest good of all and at the highest order.

Only when we change our perception can we change our experience…  Enjoy this new beginning!

Success and happiness is a habit, it’s a choice, a belief, a feeling…

Julie Christopher
CEO of Biztuition

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