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Can Yoga Help You to Sleep?

Researchers have found that yoga could be the cure for insomnia

During my many years of teaching the science of yoga one of the struggle that many of my students experienced in their life is insomnia. Can yoga help?

What they realized is that through the consistency of their yoga practice two to three times a week they began to notice positive changes in their overall health and that they have returned to their natural and beautiful sleep cycle after many years of suffering with insomnia.


Yoga is design to deliver blood flow from head to toes and inside-out with generating a tremendous amount of new oxygen back to the blood stream and all internal organs. The poses practiced in my classes our design to go through the entire hormonal system all the way to the pituitary and pineal gland witch are design to repair hormones and regulates the mechanism of our life sleep cycle.

According to the centers for disease control, sleeplessness is a disease that impacts over 70 million Americans! If you are suffering from feeling fatigued, easily irritated, trouble focusing, headaches etc.. This are not symptoms that should be ignored since it can be linked high blood pressure, depression, obesity and in the worse case scenario cancer.

We are so privileged to be in this incredible temple, our body and brain! Our brain is a tool that produces miracles everyday by just tuning in to it and trusting it!

Our brain produces patterns that we call wave frequencies that can predict how resilient someone can be at managing stress and sleeping peacefully …therefore getting to activate the right frequency is the key to tone down noise and the ripples of our mind, to turn on the waves sleep, passing through states of Alpha, theta than delta for the deep sleep!


The good news is that you can make some positive changes in your life and feel absolutely amazing! With some simple breathing, calming techniques like guided visualization, simple yoga poses, body scan ( self hipnosis ) you can absolutely shift your consciousness by loading peace in subconscious mind and slowly soothe the nervous system to prepare your body to sink deeply into a long restful and rejuvenating sleep for good!

With yoga being a proven method that provides both physical and psychological wellbeing it would be to everyone’s advantage to give it a try. My hope and intention is that everyone find peace of mind, health and happiness, health being our true wealth!

Love & light,


Julie Christopher

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