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Ultra Successful Entrepreneurs like Oprah and Steve Jobs use 'this' secret skill to unlock their highest potential. And now...You can too!

  • Have you ever sought guidance in business and life but didn’t know who to trust?
  • Have you ever felt overwhelmed with decisions, doubt and stress in your business?
  • Would you like to know the secret skills to manifest your dreams in your life?

You deserve this gift! Your time is NOW!

Are you a Mystical Mavericks?

I am inviting you to investigate with us and discover new realms of possibilities to design and innovate in a world of infinite opportunities through divine order and for the highest good.


Stands for


"Now, I will walk away no matter how good things may appear if my gut says no. How many of you have learned the same lesson?"
Daymond John


"Our intuition is like a tuning fork that keeps us in harmony-if we learn to listen."
- Arianna Huffington


"You are wise when you listen, especially to people with experience."
- Lori Greiner


"Every time I listen to my gut I make money. Every time I don't, I lose it."
Barbara Corcoran


"If you let it, the noise of the world will drown out the voice of God, which is your intuition.
- Oprah Winfrey

"Technology is not wired to know the truth... YOU ARE!"
- Juju


We are a consulting agency that offers a variety of services from 101 mentoring to gateway transformational retreats. In addition, our team create events and live performances.

We are here to empower and light up every heart that comes our way for transformation & fulfillment. For those who are open to change their thinking, and have the courage to eradicate all beliefs that they might hold towards themselves and the world so that they can feel empowered and liberated to attract love and abundance in their life!


Juju is the CEO of Biztuition, speaker, author, and music artist, spiritual guide. She is a world-renowned expert on business intuition and the host of the Mystical Mavericks podcast.

As a Mystical Maverick, her 7th sense led her to America with a guitar, 50 dollars, no English, illegal immigrant and homeless.

Juju has overcome the odds and since has been widely recognized for her unique contributions to the business world.

With her heightened sense of consciousness, she foresaw that people would suffer from what she calls “infobesity”, an overload of information, invisible business disease that would disempower leaders and communities. As she brings light to this problem, she also brings forth solutions to overcome this challenge and teach a pathway to success!

She has been interviewed on national TV shows like Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield, and more. Juju has also been featured as one of the world’s preeminent experts on sites like Forbes and Authority magazine.

In addition, she is a VIP writer for Entrepreneur and has even graced the set of the TV show Shark Tank!

Her purpose is to guide seekers on the path to Self Mastery, sharing her direct knowledge and music as an instrument to raise consciousness, bringing forth unity, wisdom and love.

Trained in Europe and the US, Juju is also a certified master yoga teacher. She focuses on movement, sound and meditation as a foundation for all transformation.

She offers a unique blissful experience that is attainable by everyone, free from any particular belief of background.

Her intention is to point towards the Divine Self that abides in each one of us

Here's what Dr.Peters EXPERIENCED after working with Juju...


In today’s modern world, business and leadership skills are evolving beyond MBAs and resumes. Successful companies are seeking to improve performance with innovative workshops and new ways to inspire their teams.

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