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– Dr. Veronica is an MD. And for her that means many dimensions. She’s a surgeon, health coach, medical intuitive, and third degree black belt. Now she’s here to talk to you about your health, your happiness, and your world. Are you ready to see clearly? This is Wellness for the Real World with Dr. Veronica on 920 The Jersey.

– Happy you’re again listening to Wellness for the Real World. I’m Dr. Veronica, medical intuitive, medical doctor and all around happy person. Yes, happy because I’m grateful that I’m able to come to you for another episode and be healthy and well and happy and feel good about life and because I’ve always been the type of person that’s been really just an optimist like that you can make yourself into an optimist too. You have to practice it. It’s like the muscles in your body. But gratitude is the highest form of emotion that you can have that gets your body to vibrate on a level that will keep you healthy so gratitude, what are you happy and grateful for? So it’s easy for me to say I’m happy and grateful because I have a wonderful husband. I’m happy and grateful because I have wonderful children. I’m happy and grateful that both my parents are still alive, one 80, one 81. My mother just celebrated her 81st birthday, my father his 80th birthday. I’m happy and grateful that I have parents who were good parents. I am who I am today because of the parents that I had, especially my mother who had a vision for me from the beginning. She said I would like to have a lawyer and a doctor and guess what she has, a lawyer and a doctor. So my Mom as this adopted child, her mother had her when she was 16, gave her away to another family. And I’m happy and grateful that my grandmother was able to decide to give my mother to another family that could raise her better than she could. She knew that she couldn’t do it at the point she was in life and so instead of trying and having my mother have a really yucky beginning of her life and people come through those storms, my grandmother gave her away and gave her to another family who raised her and allowed her to flourish in life. And so my mother grew up in a nice family and as a result, good outlook on life, served the community, has been a mayor, a councilwoman, a state representative, has traveled all over the world. 81 and healthy and has made me into who I am because she always said go and do it, if you wanna do it just go do it and go and try it and don’t let anybody tell you you can’t and that is my mother. So wonderful. But what else am I happy and grateful for? I’m happy and grateful for some of those experiences in life that were exceedingly emotionally challenging. And so I’m gonna tell you about one of those experiences. It has to do with, of course, the guest that I’m bringing on about lying and how your body never lies. Well let me tell you the story. So a few years back, I never told this story to you about the day, I had two days in my life that were just emotionally trying and so I’m gonna tell the other story on another day which was the first day where I thought this is, everything I learned in life taught me nothing or I wouldn’t be reacting like this but I had another day where I had recently gotten divorced. It was less than two months old at this point. I had decided that I wanted to, when we had gotten divorced I didn’t know that I was divorced because the court does it and then they inform the lawyers and they tell you but my lawyer hadn’t called me and told me yet that I’d gotten divorced but anyway, fast forward past that. I found out serendipitously that I was actually divorced and I hadn’t even told my children yet, I have three sons. My one son was doing his senior year in high school and he was in Beijing, China. Very difficult to get in contact with him because of the phone situation and the internet and all that type of stuff. That was my oldest son. My second son was a junior. He was away at boarding school also and then I had my youngest son who was at this time living with his father. And so, one day my ex typed me a text to say we have these issues that we have to get this taken care of. There’s some things that we still need to divide up and get taken care of. And an energy of this text, I felt like something happened, something has really changed. And so I needed to call him up to ask him how to take care of this business, you know when you get divorced there’s a lot of stuff that you gotta get taken care of and we had been married for quite awhile so there was a lot of assets and issues that needed to be resolved. So I call up my ex and I’m chatting with him about this and we are not on good terms at all, we’re just not on good terms to put it mildly. So what ends up happening is I get this energy that something has happened and I said to him congratulations. He said back to me, “Thank you.” At that moment I knew that my ex had remarried, my ex husband who we had been married two decades remarried 35 days after our divorce. Do you understand what it feels like when you feel like you wasted a bunch of time that you wasted your good years. Well nothing’s a waste we know that. Imagine what that feels like when you feel like all that I did, all that I gave, and he just goes and marries somebody else. A minute after we got divorced. I start calling, I called one of his friends and said wait a minute, what happened, what just happened? We had been friends since college with this one friend, one of his male friends. He said “I don’t know, he completely just lost his mind” and I’m really suspicious and I’m upset and I’m blah blah blah blah, we talk. He said, “But what you gotta do right now “is you have to support your kids.” They’re gonna be really upset and you have to support your kids at this point in time. The next phone call I picked up and I called the first lady of the church that I used to belong to. First Baptist of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey. I had her phone number and I called up and said what happened, how come nobody told me? What’s going on? She said to me, “You didn’t know?” No. Now I’d been goin’ to this church for years, I’m the one who found it one day as I was going to internship. I saw the people going to church at seven o’clock in the morning and I decided that I wanted to go and try this church. So we went, we ended up enjoying it, we joined, ended up being very active. And teaching Sunday school, just all kinds of stuff. And comes to find out that someone in that church married my ex husband and somebody in the church who was a minister performed the ceremony and all of a sudden it was just like Veronica didn’t exist. So I hung up the phone with her and I was extremely upset obviously, I was crying because I couldn’t realize the level of betrayal that had happened in my life at this point in time. And that was the last time I had seen or talked to this lady, the first lady of the church. Until this past weekend, I’m standing in line at the Whole Foods feeling happy and grateful that all this has happened to me because it has grown me. Really, I wouldn’t be here talking to you. I wouldn’t have the wonderful life I had if I hadn’t gone through some of that and the abandonment and the betrayal of people that claim they love me. My brothers and sisters in Christ, some brothers and sisters huh? As I stood in that line I peer over and a few people back, who do I see? The first lady of the church. I hadn’t talked to her since that day. She’s standing in line, I’m positive she saw me because we’re in Whole Foods and it’s easy to see people who are there. She’s looking the other way and I know she’s looking the other way because she saw me and it’s an uncomfortable situation but I decide, happy and grateful me, I forgive everybody for all that crap that happened and I hope that everybody’s having a wonderful life. I’m forgiving, I let it go because if I didn’t let it go I wouldn’t be healthy. This is why I look wonderful and I’m healthy and things are good so I go over and I say hi, how are you? How are you doing? We have a very superficial chit chat, she didn’t ask me how I was doing. The body doesn’t lie. Your gestures don’t lie. Your physique doesn’t lie. This is what I do as a medical intuitive, I know exactly what people are going through and I can tell energetically and I can tell from lookin’ ’em up and down and knowing what their health problems are, what they’re going through energetically. Your body never lies. I’m wonderful. I’m not sure how wonderful she is. But I forgive them and I love them because without all the betrayal, the people that abandoned me, I wouldn’t be so wonderful today. From ashes to beauty and on that I want to introduce to you Julie Christopher who’s gonna talk about this. She talks about business intuition, biztuition, and she’s a healer, a business coach, a best selling author, she does singing, song writing, yoga, and medical intuition too. And we’re going to talk about listening to your gut but not just listening to your gut, learning the difference between your gut and your intuition. So, Julie, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

– Dr. Veronica, my sister. I don’t know how to tell you but you have touched a nerve with your own very presence in your own divine awareness, you have touched a nerve and I hope that everyone is deeply and has deeply turned their ear and heart and mind on to what you just invoked because what you have said is the extreme wisdom that one must go through as a physical, emotional, spiritual being. It is in fact Dr. Veronica, like you said. Everything, and if you’re listening to this this is very important that you get this now, not tomorrow, get it now, get it right now, get it right now. That everything that you are going through is here to help you. I’m gonna say that again, that everything that you are going through is here to realign you with your own divine purpose. That there is no failure, there is no accident. Like Dr. Veronica has the authority to realign herself to her heart wisdom and to listen and to be grateful for the suffering. It is only going through that process which I call the process healing of the soul that someone can completely heal themselves. There is no healer on the planet that can do this type of work. You are the only person that can fully heal yourself from the outside in. I just wanted to, Dr. Veronica, to thank you for leading the way with your stories as I am sharing always with my roots from my root experience. The true wisdom, the experience, speaking from that place so thank you.

– I appreciate that. I believe that you have to tell your truth and so I’m transparent and I don’t sugar coat it because I understand that the truth heals and I go into contact with people and I tell that story because I’m in some contact with someone, I don’t feel that they can tell their truth. I have that story, I’m telling you that story because I can see in the whole energy of what’s going on when somebody’s not telling their truth and when they’re not telling their truth they have illness, sickness. One of the biggest signs that somebody is holding on to something and not truly telling their truth is having a lot of extra weight on their body. And so it’s not just about what you’re eating, it’s not just about that you can’t get to the gym, it’s about your toxic emotions that you have felt like or haven’t figured out yet how to bring to the love and joy and gratitude, that fear, anger, and sadness. So Julie, let’s talk about you’re medical intuitive also, wonderful! It’s interesting because I’ve been saying you know I gotta talk to some more people like me to run some stuff by and who can that be? And last week I’ve been thinkin’ about who am I gonna run some stuff by? I need to find somebody else who understands where I’m comin’ from that I won’t have to explain all the background to and I could just say, here’s what I’m thinking duh duh duh duh and they just say, yeah you know, here’s the other piece of it that you didn’t think about because they’re using their intuition. So what’s the difference between using your gut and listening to your intuition.

– Good question, well this is the thing, also my background is the science of yoga so I really study the body, the mind, and as a person as a whole. So there’s many minds to somebody There’s minds in your feet, there is mind in your heart, there is mind in your gut, and there is mind in your mind. Many minds, when all these minds are cut off from one another someone is healed. Thealways like to say to my people if you’re not at ease you’re in disease.

– True.

– Each time that you think about it, each time that you get up, or whatever it is going to do today, someone is being stressed or feeling stress. Feeling stress is already a disease. It’s already a disease, you already opened up the door for someone to come or something negative to come into your field and pretty soon I call it five years to get into your organs okay. So what is the difference between intuition and gut? So let’ break up the mythos of intuition a little bit because a lot of folks think that intuition is something that never will be accessed or they need to be special, they need to be born with like we say the third eye or they have all these principles around intuition. So I wanna make sure that’s clear because that’s one of my missions. I tell everyone, first of all everyone has intuition. So let’s cut out right away and make sure that we know that we all are born with the intuition code. As a matter of fact it has nothing to do with obviously any knowledge right, it has to do with it’s who you are as a human being. Let’s talk about being human beings. And so because of that tapping into your intuition now for a long time you and I heard that listening to your gut is listening to your intuition. So let’s scratch the scratch a little bit. You’re a medical doctor, I’m so excited. So let me ask you what is in your gut? What is in your gut or someone’s gut? What’s in your gut, what’s in our gut?

– Bacteria, yeast, organisms, all kinds of things, and guess what? You know what the problem with listening to your gut is? Most people’s guts are in disarray and they’re junky so if you’re listening to it, that’s why you’re getting the wrong signal but go on Julie.

– You just took it out of my mouth. So if I have an interview, I usually well, what’s in your gut? Poop. So do you really want to listen to that, you know what I’m saying?

– The wrong kind of poop.

– So as a matter of fact, all of my clients, you’re gonna laugh at that. First thing that I start talking about is get a colonic, get a colonic, get a nice clean from the inside out because the gut is, below the waist is all the diseases mostly so we want it be clean so when we say to listen to the gut we’re really increasing the chance to listen to our intuitions. Our gut is past experiences, it’s fear, it’s based on basic instincts. The first, second, third chakra. You know that better than me, it’s that place of inconvenience and fear and doubt. It’s self doubt and worries and it’s crap. So when we actually tell and listen, the body never lies. So when we tell ourselves something, what happens? We’re connecting with this vibration and the cells are to talk to each other ’cause they talk to each other, and then now we become this entity that what it is that we tell ourselves is the truth. So if we tell ourselves, oh I’d better listen to my gut, well we really have to realize that this is not the intuition. Intuition is not based on fear and self doubt and jealousy and anger and anything that’s below the courage. Everything else above, by the navel, up heart, heart, heart, heart, heart. You want me to say it again? Heart, heart, heart. As a matter of fact you should take the H-E-A-R-T you have art, that piece of art, art. And so listening to your heart is the deepest and true place of being in tune with your inner wisdom that truly is very, it’s a place where you can really lose yourself in. And once you practice, because it’s like a muscle, it’s like a muscle, we all have intuition but if we don’t go to the gym we’re not gonna be able to lift anything. So we have to practice intuition and what I found out like you is that intuition is the deepest muscle that we can develop for our business, for our relationship, for our life. Just like you in your story when you listen and you started asking questions that you didn’t even have the answers but you knew the answer, well that was the intuition, that was your heart. So the heart has this brain and it picks up on everything, absolutely everything. So we might not think logical, as a matter of fact, logic is, it’s a place that is formed in the monkey mind. The monkey mind is place of fluctuation of the mind and someone with stress and anxiety cannot open up this door of intuition because they’re too busy thinking so to practice intuition the first key is to level up the mind by meditation, by feeling grateful, by raising our vibrations. So there is different layers of intuition but for a start someone would ask me well how do I start, how do I start? I would tell them to be in tune with their own breath. It is in the breath that we will get the link between heart and mind. It is the breath that is the bridge between the body, the mind, and the soul. So the first step I would say to someone: listen to your breath. Take five minutes a day to practice to just listen to your breath. And eventually you will notice different feelings, different sensations on the physical body where your body will start giving you signals of how it is that you feel then from that place of consciousness of feeling how you feel truly then you will open up this door of inner visions, inner wisdom, by using elemental visualization, imagination, all of these wonders that we came with on the genetic levels.

– So Julie, we can sit here and talk all day forever. I want to tell people Julie, biztuition B-I-Z-T-U-I-T-I-O-N, biztuition.com. Julie Christopher, your body never lies. And so what do we do as medical intuitives? We help people discover what their body is telling them so then they can begin to heal themselves because you are involved in the healing process. It’s not the doctor, it’s not the intuitive, it’s not the surgeon, it’s you. So biztuition. I tell you, take advantage of medical intuitives. They know stuff that your doctor doesn’t know, that’s why I do this now. Because I get more information from people without the tests and the physical exam and all that type of stuff and this is the type of stuff that best selling author, been on Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Legal Review with Ashley and all these other people. Biztuition, Julie Christopher, thank you for being on Wellness for the Real World.

– Thank you my sister, my beautiful angel that you are, thank you for leading the way.

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I’m Dr. Veronica, medical intuitive, medical doctor, and I’m happy that you continue to listen and I hope that you are getting as much out of this as I’m getting out of this. Yes, I do this because it gives something to me as I talk to you and give you more information. I want you to be able to meet wonderful people via me. I want you to be able to change your life and be able to do something different when you walk away. So successful people are decisive, they take action, they implement, so when you hear something implement quickly, quick, decisive action is what allows successful people to be successful people. They don’t sit around, eh I’m gonna think about it, I’m gonna research it, eh, eh, eh. Okay you thought about it and you researched it, you can look at it on your phone sitting in traffic and now you know you gotta do something. It’s not just enough to know something, it’s called see one, do one, teach one. And so what are you teaching your kids? Let’s talk about the kids today ’cause we don’t talk about kids a whole lot but let’s talk about kids. One thing in our society, America, that’s just very very very concerning is we got a bunch of sick kids now, bunch of sick kids. So my sons are a little bit older now and they’re generally well people and I’m happy for that but they’re well because me, Mommy, set the stage for them to be well and there’s some things I wish I didn’t do that I did do now, I second guess myself, we all second guess ourselves as parents. I’m concerned about those vaccinations, whereas I think some are good, maybe there’s too many going along and maybe they had too many. When they were young I spanked my kids. Yes I did and I felt guilty for a minute, I said that to my son, maybe I shouldn’t. My son was like, oh no, you should’ve. I realized that my son with all his friends were trading spanking stories. I know you all feel differently about that, I feel like the world is so violent, oh no I was violent against my kids, ahh. My mom spanked me, my dad spanked me, I spanked my kids, they’re all okay. The trauma and drama that’s in their life has nothing to do with the spankings so yeah there I said it. And it’s too late for you to call the Division of Family Youth Services and take my kids away from me now and they wanna stay But let’s talk about what else is going on with kids and why they’re so sick today, their immune systems are crappy. Part of it is from a bunch of C-sections and being too sterile with hand sanitizer and messing them up with too many vaccines. Or too close together with all kinds of impurities in them that we know cause toxicities to the body. Yes we do know this but the medical establishment says it’s supposed to be this way and if you wanna do it a different way the whole government comes down on you. Can’t send your kid to school ’cause they don’t have those records. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. And what are the problems with all this too is we tend to listen to celebrities and stars who have no medical background, expertise, or training to decide what we’re gonna do with our life. And maybe they have a little knowledge but they ain’t been to school and had the real deal. So how ’bout you start making some logical decisions and listen to some authorities who really have some background and experience. Who keep their head in the research all the time, who dig out the stuff that you’re not gonna hear about in the mainstream for 25 or 50 years. You realize things trickle down slowly, people are still on low fat diets and we know low fat diets are not the way to go and people are still on them. People still think eggs are bad and cholesterol is bad. We’ve been knowing for 50 years that that ain’t the case so here you are listening to some programming over here and now we’re gonna talk about how to do it a little better for your kids. My son Xavier, when we were in the midst of our family drama that was the year that my ex husband married 35 days afterwards, I didn’t tell you the end of that story on the other episode. I didn’t tell you about the next phone call I made as I’m tryin’ to get rid of, not tryin’ to get rid of but I was tryin’ to get rid of these feelings. The ex decided he was gonna get rid of me real quick and move somebody else into my spot and replace me really quickly but guess what happened? You hurt a lot of other people around you when you do things and you don’t think about the consequences, one. Your offspring, so I call my son in China, I get him via Skype, we talk about this. I say I just wanted to let you know your father married another woman. Now realizing telling him this is less than it’s like two months after we’re divorced that my kids barely, I don’t even know if my son, he was in China, knew, so. I tell him about this, we chit chat, he goes “Mom, Dad, one day I went out “and I was with my,” he was like in high school, he went out on a date with a friend whose father had taken him on this date. “Dad, it was really creepy Mom, “he took me out with this other woman “and I was on a double date with Dad. “It was really bizarre and he what? “He married that woman?” It’s all well and good right now, it’s all well and good right now telling you, it’s good right now, it’s over, forgiven but I’m just telling you what happened at the time. Son number two, he’s away at boarding school. I call him up, it’s early in the morning because at night when I had the trauma of finding out that everybody knew except me and his kids, I call up my second son I said, Xavier, I have to tell you something. Your father got married. Xavier says to me, “What, what? “He what, he what? “I gotta go.” Hangs up the phone. I called his football coach and emailed his football coach I said I just wanna let you know that this is something that happened in our family, I know my son’s away there, I know he has his football family around him and I just gotta let you know that this happened because if my son is upset, can you please just check in on him. One day when my son Xavier was about four, five maybe we had gone as a family to London and we were in London and we were walkin’ around the city. I had my two sons by me and their father just kind of walked off and you know he was close by somewhere but he looks around, Xavier, and said he’s four now realize this was way before the divorce he says “Mom, why did Daddy leave us? “Why did Daddy leave us? “Why did Daddy leave us?” And then as my, he was my husband at the time, comes walkin’ back, there’s Daddy right there. I said to him, Xavier thought you’d left us. “Hmph, why would he think that? “I’m not gonna leave my family. “Why would he ever think that?” My son during that football season had a very bad break of his leg a couple weeks after he found out that his parents were divorced and his father had rapidly remarried. So these are some of the types of illnesses that your family can go through that don’t necessarily have to do with the food they’re eating and the vaccines. They can have to do with you understand that was in the root chakra in his legs, the bones, bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, where your blood runs through into me, some of the biggest bones in your body. My son during football season, during that year of drama and trauma had a serious injury. Now he healed really well. In fact so well that after he had the surgery, we went in they took off the bandages, the nurse said, “Oh my gosh, he’s healed so beautifully!” And my son looks over to me and says, “Mom that’s from all that shoppin’ at Whole Foods.” You see, he could put it together that because I had diligently made sure that the right nutrients to the best of my ability went into his body, that he was healing well. So, in this story I want you to take away that there’s several things that are going on. It’s the physical, your children are mind, body, and spirit. There’s an illness epidemic going on with America. Are your children part of it? I bring to you Dr. Adam Kleinberg, born and raised New York City. New York! He’s practiced as a chiropractor in six countries. Yes, I’m a medical doctor traditionally trained and I talk to chiropractors, some of the best practitioners I know who helped me heal me. I have a friend, she’s also a Dr. Veronica who introduced me to homeopathy and all this other stuff that is fabulous that I use to heal myself. Now have formal training to help other people here. Shineyourloveontheworld.com. Dr. Adam Kleinberg, welcome to Wellness for the Real World.

– Good morning Dr. Veronica, thanks for having me.

– So you’re out in Cali now, you left New York City huh?

– Oh yes.

– You say oh yes, it has to do with the energy not being so good out here on the East Coast sometime I presume.

– Well I think it’s a combination of things. I’ll quote Robin Williams, he said “All the plants with good karma “get to live in Northern California.”

– Oh my gosh, I gotta move. So you’ve been in six countries. What countries have you been in?

– I practiced in England, I’ve practiced in Holland, I’ve practiced in Germany, I’ve practiced in Indonesia, I’ve practiced in Ireland, and here in the States.

– So what has been your favorite country?

– You know I like the Dutch people a lot so I have to say the Netherlands has been my favorite spot to practice overseas. I really love the bicycle culture there as well. It’s a really easy place to live. And the Dutch are very smart people, very innovative, very pragmatic, very ecologically oriented, very fit, they just have a real nice air about them as people in general. Very blunt also which can be looked at as a downfall but I think it’s refreshing.

– To be transparent is of utmost importance in keeping your body well.

– Yes, agreed.

– So your talk about children and America’s illness epidemic give us a little backdrop on what you see is going on especially you’ve been in all these other countries so you would see and give us some compare and contrast. What’s going on here in America with the children?

– I think we have an unbelievable infatuation with entertainment number one. I think one of the things that’s poisoning children more than anything is this constant need to be on some type of electronic media. Every child no matter how young seems to be on their parents’ iPhone playing the games or on the iPad. It seems to be never ending and I think this is rotting children’s brains to a great degree so that’s one thing but I think we have a crazy type of diet for our children in this country, the amount of sugar that we’re allowing children to put in their bodies on a regular basis is unprecedented along with the fast food industry and you had mentioned a few things. We only have so much time to go through what’s going on. The vaccine issue is definitely a huge issue as well. I think when we look at the rates of autism and the correlation, I’m a big fan of this new movie Vaxxed that’s out.

– I haven’t gotten to see that yet. I have to go see it so I can talk about it intelligently.

– Yeah, I think when you look at the causal relationship that they show and the kind of coverup that they have proof of it’s pretty amazing when you actually look at it with an objective mind.

– So can we step back for one second? You said causal okay and cause is a challenging word for me, there may be a correlation but is there really a cause? The difference being, you know x causes y. Correlation means they tend to run together and so for me I can’t say causation definitely, correlation, high. What do you say about that?

– Well I think with the kind of internal documents that they have, the kind of cover up that they’re showing that they have proof of, I think that’s an amazing first step toward this debate between those two words. So it’s kind of hard to have the discussion without you having seen the film but I highly recommend it. It was really great to see Robert De Niro come out and change his stance on the film. Originally it was supposed to be in the Tribecca Film Festival and then they had this whole fallout and he actually came out and said that he thought there was something to the film. He wanted to make his own film, etc. Which I hear is underway at the moment so that’s exciting.

– Oh good, interesting. We have to get educated however best we can but let’s say that there is cause. For argument’s sake and I’m not saying that it truly is, there’s a lot of correlation and here’s one of the issues, it’s very challenging with science and what we know. There are people who decide what goes in and out of journals and what gets reported and when people start reporting something earlier on everybody calls them crazy. And they’re heretic and all that other type of stuff. So that’s one of the issues that’s been happening now, there’s a lot that’s going on that we don’t even know and there’s people out there on the forefront that we can’t readily get to their information very easily and so what I’m saying, I want more evidence. Do I believe there’s a problem? Oh yeah, I believe with the vaccinations, oh yeah I told you I said in the beginning I wish some of that I had not had done but on the other side what do we do about all these infectious diseases that have been deadly, that have been pretty much a lot of them eliminated. What do we say about that side of what vaccines have done to help?

– I say that there’s been a lot of propaganda that has led the public to actually believe that vaccines have helped. There’s a great book by Dr. Tim O’Shea called Vaccination is Not Immunization and they subtitled it The Sanctity of Human Blood. And the thing that I like about this book the most is it shows you the timeline of where the vaccines were introduced and typically there’s a spike and then there’s a plateau and there’s a falling off naturally of any disease curve. And what he shows you very unequivocally is that the vaccines were introduced when the diseases were already on the way out. That there was another spike typically due to the vaccine that caused an increase in a mini epidemic again and then fallout so there’s a lot of propaganda that’s falling around. What I say to parents when they ask me about vaccines because I don’t like to interject too much, it has become the decision that somehow has a religious or political fervor about it. Logic and reason don’t seem to play too much of a factor in most people’s decisions. So what I ask them is, if you brought your baby to your pediatrician and you told that doctor that your baby had a cold or some type of flu or something and he said, “Oh you know what, we have a shot for that.” And you said, “Oh okay, well he’s not too bad “does he really need a shot?” And the doctor said, “Well this shot is supposed “to make that little issue go away. “It’s safe and it’s effective.” And you ask the doctor, “Okay, what’s in that shot?” And the doctor said, “Well, there’s aluminum, “and formaldehyde.”

– Eek, eek.

– Right. “And acetone and mercury and all these other “heavy metal toxins that we know “cross the blood brain barrier.” And you said, “You know what, I’m gonna think about that.” You would run out of the doctor’s office cradling your baby and you would never return thinking that person was crazy. But when you up the fear factor, now it’s not a cold or a flu anymore, now it’s polio. All the same logic and reason only due to fear, like oh my God, what if my child gets polio? All those factors that with reason and logic go out the window and in goes the substance directly into the baby’s bloodstream, crossing the blood brain barrier exposing them to all of these heavy metal toxins which we know are bad for the brain and the nervous system and how they affect the body in general. So that’s the thought process that I try to lead parents to when they’re gonna make their own informed decision.

– But here’s the issue. Everybody depends on their pediatrician and pediatricians are not going to tell the real deal because there’s more lawyers out there than people. And so if something happens to your, you can’t have this honest discussion with your pediatrician. They’re gonna say the American Academy of Pediatrics or whoever recommends this, that, and the other thing. They’re gonna toe the line because they went to school forever and they’re not gonna have you sue them if something happens to their kid. And so you cannot have the honest discussion with your pediatrician and you have to forgive them because they are where they are and they’re doing the best that they can. So you cannot, you have to go outside of that and don’t think your doctor’s gonna tell you different. If you go into your pediatrician, they’re gonna read you the vaccine It’s the way it’s gonna be, don’t get mad at them just understand they’re part of the establishment. It’s the government and there are so many lawyers out there. When something happens to a kid, you’re liable until that kid is 21. And so do you understand why? So when your kid is 20 and a half and you decide they have Asperger’s and we’re gonna sue the pediatrician, this is why pediatricians aren’t gonna do anything. People who love lawyers and the litigious society. Okay so don’t get mad at the pediatricians. We the American people have created this so now you have to go outside of the established American Medical Association who’s paid off by the pharmaceutical and the vaccine industry, to figure out Yes to figure out what’s going on.

– We’ve become this society where we have every bit of information at our fingertips literally right? We have all human knowledge sitting on our phone on our hand and yet we seem to be becoming a more dumbed down society. It doesn’t make any sense.

– Well.

– Not more than 500 years ago you couldn’t own a book unless you were clergy or royalty. And now with all the information out there and I agree it is sometimes hard to discern through is this a good source of information? Is this an honest source of information? But the problem I have mostly with the industries we’ve been discussing is the lack of morals and ethics when it comes to an ethical dilemma in the fact that it used to be illegal to be able to approve of or do research on a drug or a vaccine that you yourself could profit from. That is no longer the case. There’s too much self policing going on and this is due to the wonderful lobbyists that exist in Washington for the pharmaceutical industry, for the drug industry, for the food industry. We need to find sources of information that are honest, that are objective, that are open to scrutiny as opposed to the closed loop that we’re seeing now because this is a gigantic money making machine for a lot of people.

– So when you’re leading people through the discussion about vaccines, we got a few more minutes. What else do you tell parents to help them keep their children healthy?

– Diet is prominent in keeping children healthy. Alkalinizing the body, keeping the children away from acidic foods, keeping the sugar levels low. When we are giving them sweet treats. making sure that the sugar that they’re getting in that treat isn’t something, it’s less processed. We want to move up the line from things like maple syrup that are more natural sweeteners to things like white refined sugar we really wanna keep our children away from. I think that in regard to the vaccine issue and as far as how we build our children’s immune systems, one person in the household gets a cold, doesn’t mean everybody gets a cold. There’s an expression we use, rats don’t bring garbage. In other words when we’re susceptible from the inside out that’s when these different types of bugs, viruses, bacteria, take advantage of what they can take advantage of. If we keep our bodies healthy from the inside out then those opportunistic organisms have much less of a chance of affecting us and our children. Even something like polio right. Everybody’s so afraid of this word but one person in the household got it, how come the sister, the mom, and the dad didn’t get it? How come only the boy in the house got it? It doesn’t make sense. Is it something that is coming from the outside in? We need to protect our children from the inside out and I think prominently that’s with diet, making sure that they’re getting enough exercise and they’re not rotting their brains too much with all of these, as mentioned before, all of these electronic things. I see kids in shopping carts at the store a year and a half old holding the iPhone, playing on the iPhone. It’s craziness.

– With all the electromagnetic interference that’s going on with the body too, but we won’t talk about that. Dr. Adam Kleinberg shineyourloveontheworld.com. Wrote a book to his daughters, Shine Your Love on the World: Letters to my Daughters, a beautiful thing to do. We do what we do, I did what I do, as a mother the reason why I do what I do today is because I was protecting my children and so as I begin to protect my children I realized I gotta protect everybody else’s children and their parents too. Dr. Adam Kleinberg, shineyourloveontheworld.com. I’m Dr. Veronica and this is Wellness for the Real World.

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